Written & Directed by Clare Talbot


Hand in Hand Theatre presented a new work from local theatre maker Clare Talbot. Exploring mental illness, relationship breakdowns and major life milestones, Decisions and Consequences was a modern exploration of how the choices we make impact our own lives, and the lives of those around us. This new original work made its full-length debut at FRINGE WORLD 2018.

This FRINGE WORLD 2018 premiere was a dark theatrical journey that wasn't afraid to explore the depths of the human condition. Decisions and Consequences was first developed by writer Clare Talbot as a ‘short but not so sweet’ piece as part of her Honours production. After reviving the piece as a staged reading in March 2017, Clare was inspired to develop and reinterpret the piece as a full-length mixed media ensemble piece.
Inspired in part by the work of UK playwright Sarah Kane, Decisions and Consequences promised a sensitive portrayal of depression that is relatable to a wide range of audiences.


Bethsaida Tapsall, Jennifer McGrath, Nashy MZ, Simon Meiri, Jason Tolj and Andrea Kendrick.


Director and playwright: Clare Talbot // Stage Manager: Jordan Holloway // Lighting designer: Alastair Swanson // Lighting Operator: Clare Talbot // Sound design: Clare Talbot // Sound Operator: Justin Mosel-Crossley // Video editor: Clare Talbot // Production Manager: Clare Talbot // Producer: Justin Mosel-Crossley // Public Relations: Bobby Cooper // Production Assistant: Rhiannon Moon






Clare Talbot directs her own original writing with a cast of five local actors, bringing to life an issue that affects so many Australians.



Trailer filmed by Bobby Cooper and Amelia Robinson

Trailer edited by Bobby Cooper


Filmed and Edited by David Cox Media


Filmed and Edited by David Cox Media