Written by Vassily Sigarev | Directed by Luke Gratton

Photo credit: MOSE Photography

Photo credit: MOSE Photography

Somewhere in the Boundless Motherland is a remote railway station. At that railway station, a young man and his heavily pregnant wife sell cheap Malaysian toasters to the local peasants. They need to sell what they can and get out, before the people they sold them to realise they don't have any bread to toast. 

BLACK MILK is a black comedy examining the harsh effects of capitalism and the search for meaning amidst life's struggles.

An amateur production by arrangement with Dominie Drama on behalf of Nick Hern Books. Translated by Sasha Dugdale.

Philip Hutton, Sjaan Lucas, Kylie Sturgess, AJ Lowe, Sharon Menzies, Amy Honor Elliot, Graeme Cross, Max Conroy, Aaron Hamilton and Rhiannon Moon.

Director: Luke Gratton // Stage Manager: Claire Mosel-Crossley // Assistant Stage Manager: Rhiannon Moon // Production Manager & Set Designer: Justin Mosel-Crossley // Lighting Design: Shannen Precious // Sound Design: Jordan Baynes // Costume Design: Ash Spring // Publicity: Chelsea Johnson

Black Milk explores the depths of humanity and just how cruel or kind we can be to each other. It highlights that no person is black and white but also proves the old adage that a leopard can’t change his spots. It’s a great end to a strong season from Hand In Hand Theatre.
— Fourth Wall Media


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