Drive & Smoke Fun


During February and March, the team at Hand in Hand were super busy organising our first show of the season; Drive & Smoke. We had so much fun doing photoshoots, handing out flyers, putting up posters, lighting designs, deciding on music, having a few breakdowns... and all that jazz that comes with putting on a show. During intensive week, we worked hard handing out our posters and flyers across Perth.

This is our Public Relations Assistant XARNA being an absolute superstar at handing out flyers & posters.


Another awesome thing we did during intensive week was a character shoot! The lovely Graeme Cross took some excellent shots for us. You can check out all the Character Shots HERE. The cast & crew had so much fun putting on this show for our audiences and we want to thank everyone who came along to support us. A special thanks to Gordan the Optom, Metior Magazine and Stage Whispers who came along and gave us some stunning reviews. Check those reviews out HERE. 

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