Today, I went to see Murdoch Theatre Company's production of 'Peter/Wendy'. The music and movement in this show was fantastic. I loved the music that told us the pirates were coming. The way they used movement to execute the 'flying' was amazing and effective.


The costuming was fantastic! The set was simple and effective. The use of lighting to create effects was very well done. I loved the fairy lights that we were greeted with as we walked into the Studio and the fairy lights on the set - the children in the audience liked this too.


My favourite character was definitely Tinkerbell, however I was afraid the kids in the audience may repeat some of the words she said. All the actors were very well cast and each of them were unique in bringing their character to life.

I'm glad I got to see this show and a big well done to all the cast and crew for putting on such a great show!!