Written and Directed by Clare Talbot

Photo credit: MOSE Photography

Photo credit: MOSE Photography

'Decisions and Consequences' was a post-absurd piece that explored the concept of ‘choice’ and how the choices we make can affect our lives. Choices can be forced upon us, they can be out of our control; others are of our own making.

Some of the themes in this stream-of-consciousness style presentation were based on the serious effects of mental illness and challenging life events.

Decisions & Consequences is now being performed at Perth FRINGE WORLD 2018

Declan Waters, Nashy MZ, Ash Spring, Simon Meiri, and Bethsaida Tapsall
Writer/Director: Clare Talbot // Stage Manager: Rebecca Dilley // ASM/Publicity: Andrea Kendrick // Lighting Design: Kiah Van Vlijmen // Assistant Lighting: Jordan Baynes