Written by Caryl Churchill | Directed by Claire Mosel-Crossley


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Secrets, Lies and Love. Everyone has a story…

Hand in Hand Theatre takes on literary genius, Caryl Churchill’s iconic play; Love and Information. Through a series of vignettes, we pulled back the curtains and gave you a peek into several compelling stories of life, love and human nature.

Someone sneezes. Someone can’t get a signal. Someone won’t answer the door. Someone put an elephant on the stairs. Someone’s not ready to talk. Someone is her brother’s mother. Someone hates irrational numbers. Someone told the police. Someone got a message from the traffic light. Someone’s never felt like this before.

In this fast-moving kaleidoscope, more than a hundred characters try to make sense of what they know.



Studio, Subiaco Arts Centre

180 Hamersley Rd, Subiaco WA 6008

Show Times:

17th July (Preview) - 7:00pm

18th July - 7:30pm

19th July - 7:30pm

20th July - 7:30pm

24th July - 7:30pm

25th July - 7:30pm

26th July - 7:30pm

27th July - 7:30pm


Andrew Kocsis // Carlos Sivalingam // Caroline Mc Donnell // Domenic Scriva // Nashy Md // Philip Hutton// Tijana Simich // Beth Williams //


Production Manager - Justin Mosel-Crossley // Stage Manager - Thomas Wendt // Public Relations - Dana Nguyen // Composer - Aiden Willoughby // Choreographer - Caitlin Wainwright // Graphic Designer - Tiffany Banner // Lighting Design - Kristie Smith

Some audiences prefer a simple two-hour story, well sorry but this is not for you. If you enjoy quality and multifaceted performances, then this is first rate.
— Gordon the Optom
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