As a classically trained Actress (B.A Theatre and Drama), Xarna has a burning passion for storytelling, creativity and the theatre. Developing a love for the arts at a young age, she consistently works on turning this passion into a life long career. In graduating from Murdoch University’s B.A program in 2016, she has since been actively involved in the Murdoch Theatre Community; performing in roles ranging from Ye Olde’ Shakespeare… to Oz Panto… and even Magic Surrealism. Xarna looks forward to continuing her work on stage, as well as extend herself this year, into the wonderful and wicked world of Public Relations. With a knack for writing promotional posts, a creative flare for social media and the occasional snazzy emoji, Xarna was a valued Public Relations Assistant for Hand in Hand Theatre Company throughout 2018.


Born and raised in Perth, Rhiannon Moon had a love of performing from a very young age, often putting on shows at family events. Despite her love for it, a great shyness kept her from pursuing theatre after she left high school. In 2015, Rhiannon began studying a double science major at Murdoch University, but with her underlying passion for the arts and the support of new friends, she switched focus and started her BA in Theatre and Drama. Since then, she has fallen in love with tech and has taken on backstage roles, as well as performing roles, such as Marcie in “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown”. More recently, she was the head of a Murdoch-based theatre company; directed, designed for, and produced “The Whole Shebang;” and assisted Hand in Hand on a number of productions like “Heathers” and “Black Milk.” In 2018, Rhiannon helped Hand in Hand bring shows to the stage as well as working on writing her own original piece about the Romani people, with whom she shares heritage. Rhiannon was a valued member of our team.