Justin Mosel-Crossley has been dedicated to the theatre for over ten years. After completing TEE drama at Corpus Christi College in 2008 (which included a week-long workshop at NIDA), Justin started his own youth theatre company with friends and other Corpus graduates. Drama Fox Theatre Company produced two plays, “Macbeth” and “The Importance of Being Earnest,” both of which Justin acted in, one of which he also directed. Realising his deep desire to pursue a career in theatre, Justin transferred out of his psychology major and began a BA in Theatre and Drama at Murdoch University in Perth, Western Australia. While at Murdoch, Justin has been heavily involved in the university’s student-run theatre community that has grown over the past seven years. In that time, Justin has been involved in producing twelve shows, been a set designer for five, a lighting designer for three, and a director of four. He also spent 2015 as President of Murdoch Theatre Company and began employment as a theatre technician at Nexus Theatre in 2017. Justin continues to become more and more involved in the wider Perth theatre community the more time he spends in it, acting as a tertiary Ambassador to Black Swan State Theatre Company since 2016. Beginning in 2018, he is also interning at Black Swan in their Education & Community Engagement Department. Since co-founding Hand in Hand Theatre in June 2016, Justin has been working tirelessly to elevate the quality of theatre and talent, not just at Murdoch University, but also in the greater Perth community, and he hopes to continue to do so through his role as President in 2018.


Claire Mosel-Crossley is a Perth-based theatre maker and actor, currently studying a BA in Theatre & Drama and Photography at Murdoch University. Claire’s love for theatre started early; she performed in “Much Ado About Nothing” as Margaret in 2010, played Miranda in “The Tempest” in 2011, and graduated from Great Southern Grammar in 2011 with the highest TEE drama grade in her year. After finishing high school, Claire went back for the next two years to assist her old drama teacher and joined Southern Edge Arts to increase her knowledge in acting, and her overall love for the theatre. Claire has been involved in many productions over the years: her acting works include “Ruby Moon,” performed at the Latvian Centre in Perth in 2015 and “Lit by Limelight” in 2016. More recently, Claire has been taking on production roles such as managing “The Secret of the Snotty Gobbles” in 2016 and directing the sold-out season of “Heathers: The Musical” in 2017. She has a huge appreciation for musical theatre and endeavours to bring that to the community. Her love and passion for theatre is what drove her to build a company that supports and improves on the quality of theatre around Murdoch University.




Born and raised in Perth, Rhiannon Moon had a love of performing from a very young age, often putting on shows at family events. Despite her love for it, a great shyness kept her from pursuing theatre after she left high school. In 2015, Rhiannon began studying a double science major at Murdoch University, but with her underlying passion for the arts and the support of new friends, she switched focus and started her BA in Theatre and Drama. Since then, she has fallen in love with tech and has taken on backstage roles, as well as performing roles, such as Marcie in “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown”. More recently, she was the head of a Murdoch-based theatre company; directed, designed for, and produced “The Whole Shebang;” and assisted Hand in Hand on a number of productions like “Heathers” and “Black Milk.” Currently, Rhiannon is focusing on helping Hand in Hand bring shows to the stage as well as working on writing her own original piece about the Romani people, with whom she shares heritage.



Bobby Cooper became involved with theatre when she was young. Bobby was shy as a kid and decided to join a drama club to boost her confidence and continued passion for drama studies through high school. In 2012, she did a short course with the West Australian Academy of Performing Arts to strengthen her skills and graduated highest in her class for drama in 2013. Bobby studied a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre & Drama at Murdoch University from 2014 to 2017. During her time at Murdoch, she was involved in many shows, both onstage and behind the scenes. Towards the end of her degree, Bobbi found a passion for Public Relations, inspired by Hand in Hand Theatre’s exciting and vibrant PR campaign for “Heathers: The Musical.” She led PR campaigns for two Murdoch Theatre Company shows in 2017 and established positive online growth for their YouTube channel, as well as significantly bolstering their following on Instagram and Facebook. Bobby has proven instrumental in ticket sales as she has built on her public relations experience, ensuring sold-out nights for MTC’s “The Heartless.” Bobby is excited to develop her passion for PR in 2018 while working as the Public Relations Officer for Hand in Hand Theatre.




As a classically trained Actress (B.A Theatre and Drama), Xarna has a burning passion for storytelling, creativity and the theatre. Developing a love for the arts at a young age, she consistently works on turning this passion into a life long career. In graduating from Murdoch University’s B.A program in 2016, she has since been actively involved in the Murdoch Theatre Community; performing in roles ranging from Ye Olde’ Shakespeare… to Oz Panto… and even Magic Surrealism. Xarna looks forward to continuing her work on stage, as well as extend herself this year, into the wonderful and wicked world of Public Relations. With a knack for writing promotional posts, a creative flare for social media and the occasional snazzy emoji, she is excited to be Public Relations Assistant for Hand in Hand Theatre Company.