Operating out of Murdoch University since 2016, Hand in Hand Theatre Company is a Perth-based venture from husband and wife team Justin & Claire Mosel-Crossley. The pair met while performing in a production of Matt Cameron’s “Ruby Moon” in 2015 and they connected over a shared passion for the theatre. Claire & Justin both have backgrounds in arts. Justin is currently studying a BA in Theatre & Drama at Murdoch University in Western Australia and Claire has finished her BA in Theatre, Drama and Photography.

Hand in Hand’s focus is on creating theatre that excites and inspires. “We are endeavouring to elevate the level of theatrical excellence at Murdoch and around Perth. We aim to welcome and cultivate new talent, while supporting the development of those already in the community.”

All of HHT’s shows to date have been very well received. After “The Violent Outburst That Drew Me to You,” their first production in 2016, the company went on to receive high praise for their 2017 season: “Four in Fifty: A Mini Musical Marathon,” which was nominated for a FRINGE WORLD Theatre Award, “Decisions and Consequences,” “Heathers: The Musical,” which enjoyed a sold-out run, and “Black Milk.”

In 2018, HHT had a fantastic season of six shows; 1 Musical, 3 Original Works and 2 Moved Readings. ‘Decisions and Consequences’ was part of 2018 FRINGE WORLD, ‘Drive and Smoke’ was an original double bill show and ‘Bare: A Pop Opera’ in Nexus Theatre which was received very well.

In 2019, Hand in Hand Theatre moved away from Murdoch University. 2019 promises an exciting new season from Hand in Hand Theatre Company. They are looking forward to moving away from Murdoch University and testing themselves in the Perth Theatre Community. The start of the season brings co-founder Claire Mosel-Crossley taking on an exciting project… find out more by clicking here.

Photo Credit: Nicola Macri Photography

Photo Credit: Nicola Macri Photography