Directed by Leigh Fitzpatrick

Tempest Poster.jpg

In the midst of a storm... A ship carrying the King of Naples and his party struggles to stay afloat... Whilst on land, Prospero and his daughter Miranda watch this storm engulf the ship at sea... 

Exploring magic, betrayal and revenge, The Tempest was performed
++ in Studio 411
++ for One Night Only! 
It's Shakespeare as directed by Leigh Fitzpatrick! 

Nikita Harwood 
Felix Camponovo 
Brendan Miskelly 
Courtney Maldo 
Rebecca Collin 
Hannah Anderson 
Ella Peeters 
Simon Mieri 
Katie Jean Ward 
Virgina Cole 
Julia Parks 
Bee Tandy 
Rosalie Schneider 

Leigh Fitzpatrick 
Beck Thorman
Claire Mosel-Crossley 
Xarna Rappold